Scented Silica Gel Packets

Scented Silica Gel Packets: Aroma-Dri scented Silica Gel packets provide the same moisture absorption power of a standard Silica Gel packet but also provides a pleasant scent. The Silica Gel is dyed and scented, available in: Apple (Green), Lavender (Purple), Lemonade (Yellow), and Rose (Pink). Aroma-Dri Silica Gel is not moisture indicating or reusable.

These are often used in manufacturing, so when customers get their products they smell fresh and free of moisture issues. Can also be used in residential storage to fight moisture problems and provide a scent to your storage areas like shoe boxes, buckets, etc.

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Scented Packets
2 Gram Scented Silica Gel Packet - Available In Apple, Lavender, Lemonade, Rose, or Vanilla.
1 5/8" x 1 3/8" 260 CU IN 20 20+/$0.82 50+/$0.69 250+/$0.52 2000+/$0.39 4000+/$0.29